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    WTS:AKG k7xx(I have red and black)- one with cable - $120 shipped one with no cable $110 shipped 10bucks a cable on amazon. Akg k7xx is a pretty good pair of headphones for around $100. I have box and manual too, but you have to make make up the cost of shipping

    Also selling a start up setup -JDS Cmoy(bass boost and recharagable) -Emu walnut(wooded creative live) -RHA ma750i For a total of $150shipped If you’re just starting off, I think it’s the best setup. You have a amp, just plug it into your phone. A pair of iem that you can listen to music and make calls.

    I am in South Jersey(near philadelphia), we can do local with 10 dollars off.
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  3. faultfracture
    Did you get another red?
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