WTM: AKG K414P/K26P (want to mod, free)
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Dec 26, 2007
I had a pair of K26P some time ago, and apart from not liking their overwhelming bass and destroying them when trying to fit orthodynamic drivers in their frame, I liked their small size, looks and foldability.

After my experiences modding, recabling and tuning orthos (and some dynamic phones too like my iGrados), I am pretty sure the K26P/K414P could be made to sound much better.

I have been itching to try a few simple mods on them for a while, but have no cash to spare to buy a pair. So if you have one lying around, and want to invest a few euros in shipping, I can recable/mod them for you and send them back, hopefully better sounding.

For reference, here is my repaired (got them with a broken cable), modded and SPC recabled iGrados:


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