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WTD: Fostex TH900 Cups

Trader History (4)
  1. i-am-iron-man
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    Apologies for not-quite being in the right thread, but ...

    As per the subject line! - looking for some red TH900 cups. I'm based in the UK and, although I can't imagine I'll be faced with many options, I'd prefer as unmarked a pair as i can get.

  2. Insomnymous
    I'm not sure how much shipping would cost since you're in the UK, but try giving Mark an email at lawtonaudio@gmail.com I just got a pair from him for $200 shipped in the US.
  3. i-am-iron-man
    Aaaaaah, I did try Mark but he didn't have any at the time and that was quite a while back.
    I'll hit him up again, but at $200 I'd start questioning wanting to keep the headphones looking original vs paying the difference and getting an entry-level set of Lawton cups.

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