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WTB: Zero DAC with USB any opa

  1. I would like to buy a zero dac, heavily used and loved. I'm a poor student artist and can barely afford this purchase so I would like to try and get it a little bit cheaper than new off ebay.
    I'm looking to pay around $100-ish the price is a little negotiable. I also have a nuforce icon mobile, that's been heavily used for 2 years, and is pretty much held together by duct tape, but hey it still works, if I can somehow trade that to help sway you [​IMG]
    Anyway, if any of you have a Zero dac, toss me a pm with how much you are looking for it.
    Thanks and please have mercy on my wallet [​IMG]
    -A R
  2. theeditor
    I have a Zero Dac that I bought off this board a little while ago. It's in excellent shape. I can part with for around your budget and throw in some extras, but you have to pick up the shipping and PayPal fees. Lemme know.

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