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WTB: Yulong D100 mk2 mkII DAC

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  1. wovenhand
    As the topic reads, very interested in obtaining one of these units - and the MkII specifically. 
    Condition: Mint or Near Mint and with all paperwork / original box, please.
    I'm located in Sweden but will accept (reasonable & serious) offers from all corners of the globe
    (and yes, I know shipping most likely will be a bit pricey).
    I haven't visited Head-Fi for a few years and see that there's some sort of feedback system in motion now. 
    I've done a handful of transactions on Head-Fi but that was many moons ago, before said system was in place. 
    Can show you my eBay feedback for instance, if required. 
    Best regards, 
  2. Stillhart
    There were at least two on the classifieds last I checked.  One just had a price drop.  (Don't forget to search in both the "Source" and "Amp" sections of the classifieds.)  Good luck!
  3. wovenhand
    Thanks man, I actually had checked but at the time of my posting, none had come to fruition.
    I think I'm seeing some movement now though. :)
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