WTB/Trade: HiFiMAN HE-400 w/ HE-500 Silver Cable For an HE-500

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  1. AngelicFantasy
    For Trade
    Looking to trade my HE-400+Cash for an HE-500 or looking to buy an HE-500 for $550. Needs to be in great condition.
    The HE-400 comes with a silver cable from the HE-500 and velour+leather pads. Comes with velvet traveling bag and the original box. These have less than 25 hours on them. They're almost brand new. I'm more into female vocals though, so I really wanted the HE-500 all along.
    My HE-400s have no scratches, no dents, no cuts in the cable, the pads are in excellent condition.
    Payment through paypal. PM me if interested.
  2. korzena
    Where are you located?
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