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WTB SPDIF reclocker, eg. Firestone Bravo

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  1. dunkyboy
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    •   United States
    I need a device to re-clock and de-jitter the optical TOSlink output of my AirPort Express. I have an iFi SPDIF iPurifier, which works great but has compatibility issues with my DAC. Firestone Bravo would be great, but will consider similar.

  2. feelingears
    Wyred 4 Sound Reclocker is outstanding. Or is it Remedy? I can't keep those straight but mine is fantastic for coax BNC into my DAC. Cost effective too.
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  3. dunkyboy
    Yes! Though I was under the impression they were rather more expensive?

  4. feelingears
    Well, we haven't quoted any prices yet, so I don't know what your idea of expensive is. That said, I think they are reasonably priced if you get one used.
  5. feelingears
    I should not have said quoted because mine is not for sale! :)
  6. dunkyboy
    I just remembered why I ruled out the Remedy originally - it always outputs 96KHz no matter the input! My DAC is almost 20 years old and limited to 48KHz, so it’s a no-go.

    Thanks though.

  7. feelingears
    Dunc, thanks for this note! Somehow I missed that "little" detail, but my ears haven't-- I've wondered why my setup has done so well against others and this is probably a big part of it because I thought I was listening to 44.1... Hmmmm, this likely explains why my coax beat USB via mRendu by a hair.

    Ya learn something new everyday.

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