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WTB: SONY MDR-SAX000 or Beyerdynamic DT880 600Ω, or "Better" than both DRIVERS

  1. Wilashort Contributor
    Hi Everybody
    i want to buy a pair of drivers for my Beyerdynamics, but i can't order them thru a Credit Card. 
    I am currently in the USA, but i can't to use my mother's Credit card.
    The drivers that i want to buy/get for my headphones are: SONY MDR-SAX000 [i prefer SA3000 (which are the same thing that use the SA5000 headphones)] or some Beyerdynamic DT880 600Ω; or if there is something better (but not much brighter sounding) than both of them. Then i can consider to buy them , if they can support big amounts of current or voltage, without distort the bass (the MDR-SAX000 for example, handles very good quantities of current without distort the subbass)
    The first offer that you get for me, is the win one.
    I hope that this was before of this month.
    The Payment form that i can use is Money Order In the USA. I can't use Paypal (i recently open an account here, but i don't have funds in it)

    Thanks for the kind offers. 

  2. Wilashort Contributor
    ...Thread recycled...
  3. Wilashort Contributor
    ...Thread recycled... 
  4. Wilashort Contributor
    To the top as a new one.
  5. Wilashort Contributor
  6. Wilashort Contributor
    Still looking

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