WTB Sony CD3000 /PARTS. Spectral CD/PRE: $8.5K new trade for CHEAP
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james bennett

New Head-Fier
Nov 6, 2002
HI everone,

I'm looking for parts for my Sony MDR CD3000's

Anything from: Drivers, to Headbands, to Earpads

Please let me know what you have.

Even an older pair with useable parts I will consider.

Thanks JIM B

P.S. Anybody know where I can buy NEW CD3000matched drivers and New earpads for a good price?

I also have a EXEL COND. SPECTRAL SDR 1000 CD/Pre Amp to trade for. Cost $8,500 new. New models are OVER $18,000 now. I will consider trades in the $2000+ range. Spectral makes one of the best, if not the best CD/DAC players in the world. This could be a GREAT DEAL for someone !!

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