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WTB: Sieveking Omega or Klutz CanCans

Trader History (25)
  1. Overkill Red
    Ship to:
    • North America
    Best offer:
    Hey all,

    Looking for either of these headphone stands in any finish for both.

    Shipped to NYC. PM with offers, must be in good condition!

  2. amsync
    Are you still looking for one? I am in NYC and am selling one right now
  3. Overkill Red
    Don't think I can justify spending so much on a headphone stand, despite how much I want either of them haha..
  4. amsync
    Ok I understand, I'm doing the best I can but keep in mind the original price of this out of stock item was 420 pounds. They are really most suitable for flagship cans from a price perspective.

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