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WTB Sennheiser IE8, Monster Turbines Pro Copper/Gold [CANADA]

  1. clee290
    As the title says, I'm willing to buy a pair of Sennheiser IE8 or Monster Turbines Pro (Copper or Gold). I'm willing to pay roughly USD$200. I've seen several threads with people selling them, but they only seem willing to ship within CONUS. So if someone has a pair for sale, send me a PM or leave a reply here. Preferably with some pics or something :p
    Edit: I already got a PM from someone offering to ship to CONUS. Just to make it clear, I don't live in the CONTINENTAL US, I live in CANADA.
  2. clee290
    Guess I'll bump this :O
  3. clee290
    Morning bump :p
  4. clee290
    Bump because I'm hungry! Does that make sense? [​IMG]
  5. mayajoe
    I have a pair of senns IE8.
    i have just had them replaced as my old pair had a problem.
    They are still under warranty till i think FEB 2011.
    Let me know and i will send you pics and receipt to show they are not fakes.
  6. laxlife1234
    Hey, I just saw this. You probably have seen my thread, but for $205 I will ship to Canada. I am selling them $175 in the US, but shipping will be a lot with the box I am using. If you are interested please pm me.
  7. clee290
    Late night bump

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