WTB: Porta Corda power supply
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Jan 23, 2002
I failed my intro to electronics class twice.

I should not be allowed near shiny metals. Or any conducting material.

So how do I add a power supply port to my porta corda?

By that most basic of basic social skill: the trading of skills (or commodities ... or cash.)

I'm looking for:
a) a Porta Corda (fitted with an AC power supply (close-circuit is cool but whatever)). I offer my own unmodded Porta Corda (with interconnects) and $20 OBO; or
b) someone to mod mine for me. $20(?) OBO.
c) selling my porta corda for $120 shipped and just getting one modded from Jan.

Or really, any advice.
[here's what I know: you get a 24V regulated (+12/-12V) DC power supply thingie and an adaptor to connect to the 9V port. This is the simplest way, but a close circuit something would be cooler because it automatically bypasses the battery. but now what?]

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