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WTB old Sony Discman mainly D-88 but consider all

  1. aeberbach
    Hi guys, I have a broken Sony D-88 Discman. Luckily I found the service manual (second page with Google, whodathought?) but I need parts.
    If you have a D-88 that is broken or any other 80s Discman, working or not, I might want it. I'm not out to buy a $300 D-555 or D-777 here - just want to get my nice old D-88 working again. 
    And if anyone knows a place that would sell parts - like a KSS-167A optical assembly - I'd really like to know that too.
    Please PM.
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  2. aeberbach
    bump... someone must have a broken discman and want money.
  3. NuBreed
    working d-121 might help you? [​IMG]
  4. pan13
    I have a broken Sony D-88 and need a free PDF service manual.
    Advice or could someone mail me his PDF copy?
  5. Rosemary
    I have an excellent Sony Discman D-88, but I need to replace the SONY RECHARGEABLE BATTERY PACK BP-2 DC 4V 500mAh (NOMINAL).  Where can I get this please?  

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