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WTB: monolith liquid platinum amplifier

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  1. Lewis Li
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    •   United States
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    I would like to take a try on this amplifier or anything else has similar price to drive my hd800. If you have any recommends, please pm me thanks!
  2. mangus
    I have to say, I never really loved the HD800 until I paired it with the Woo WA7(TP) Fireflies. Once you add the cost of the tube power supply it's a bit more pricey than what you're looking at, but not by much. And I love the sound so much it leaves me wanting for nothing. I often prefer it to other far higher priced setups I have like Ragnarok+LCD-4 and Liquid Gold+LCD-4. Definitely worth a listen. I have the version with the older DAC chip, which sounds great. If you want to up the sound a bit (though it's at the margins), use a Chord Mojo as the DAC.
  3. Lewis Li
    while, but I think WA7 has not enough power to drive hd800 like liquid platinum, in terms of the paper specs

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