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WTB: JH Audio JH16 FP JH13 FP Freqphase or Roxanne, Noble K10, Hidition NT6 Pro, Rooth LS8+ or LSX LS10, Unique Melody Mentor

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  1. sithjedi333
    I'm looking for a pair of JH Audio JH16 FP JH13 FP Freqphase or Roxanne, Noble K10, Hidition NT6 Pro, Rooth LS8+ or LSX LS10, Unique Melody Mentor.
    Looking for one in excellent working order. I use Paypal and live in the USA.
    PM me please, thank you.
    JH16PRO JH-16PRO JH-16 JH13PRO JH-13PRO JH-13 JHA freq phase NT6Pro
  2. Promethus
    PM Sent with regards to JH16 FP.
  3. fallingreason
    isn't the freqphase feature only present when they are molded by JH Audio so they can tune the output to the position of the drivers and sound tube length?
  4. nickie
    Thats partly correct but anyway since JH dont offer reshell buying one and reshell buy other companies would definitely not preserve the FP functionality  
  5. Ivabign
    Um.... that's incorrect [​IMG]
    Inearz remolds FP product and keeps the tubing length the same as original - I don't know about other shops - but Inearz preserves the original positioning.
  6. Sorensiim
    That's quite an achievement considering that all ears are unique.
  7. bobthedespot
    Also looking for 16 FP... have you had any luck on these forums?
  8. clickclickw00t
    I have a pair of JH13s, check my thread. looking for offers.
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