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WTB: iBasso D2 or D2+ Amp/DAC

  1. TychoBrahe
    I'm looking to buy one of the iBasso D-series amp/DAC combos, specifically a D2 or D2+.  (I previously was looking at D3s and D4s, but the attraction has sort of faded, I'm afraid.)  The physical condition isn't of any importance, as long as it still sounds excellent.  I'm hoping to spend less than $150, depending on model and condition.  Just comment here or send me a PM if you can help me out on my quest.
    I have positive feedback here on the forums from a previous purchase, as well as loads on Ebay--I would be more than happy to PM a link to any potential sellers.  I live in the United States, but would be willing to deal internationally.  My preferred method of payment is Paypal.
  2. TychoBrahe
    Bump.  Changed what I'm looking for...and I'm still looking.  (Though that seems sort of implied, no?)
  3. TychoBrahe

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