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Wtb HE-500 cable.

Trader History (3)
  1. illyria
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    Looking for a new cable for my he 500.

    Just looking for something sturdy for home use.

    In the US.

    Let me know if anyone is selling. Thanks.
  2. Natarian
    What's your budget?
  3. illyria
    Hoping for less than 100, but depends on what's available.
  4. illyria
    Still looking.
  5. pataburd
    I have a Litz-braided, 3 meter, Neotech UPOCC solid copper cable, with Neutrik 4-pin balanced connector. It was custom made for my [older] HE-6, which I no longer own. I used it with a 1-foot 4-pin [female] Neutrik adapter with [Smurf blue] Cardas cable that connects directly to speaker taps on a power amp. This adapter is also available. Will try to get pictures up, if you are interested.
    Last edited: May 30, 2019
  6. pataburd
    Here are some pictures.
    IMG_20190531_133519757[1].jpg IMG_20190531_133528155[1].jpg IMG_20190531_133533305[1].jpg
  7. Ethereal Sound
  8. pataburd
    Try PM-ing me again.
    I did not receive.
    Thank you.


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