WTB: GS1000
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Aug 9, 2006
Purchase Pending

Thank you for all inquiries, I found a local seller with a good price. If transaction does not work out I will rejuvenate this thread and edit this post

I want to get a balanced GS1000 for a reasonable discount off of the $1200 it would cost me to get one new. There are several ways to make this happen:

1) I would buy a balanced recabled (professionally by moon-audio, etc.) pristine pair for probably around $1100

2) I would buy a professionally balanced recabled non-pristine pair for $1000-$1050

3) I would take a risk with a diy recabled pair. Depending on the experience of the seller, condition of headphone, and the quality cable/connects they used this would vary in price $750-$1050

4) I would buy a non recabled good condition pair for around $700.

If the headphone was ever in a smoking home I would have to get new pads I don't know how much that costs and how easy it is to change them - if you have such a pair we can look into it. I suspect I'd be willing to pay $50 less than I said above.

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