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Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by ulogin, Jul 17, 2012.
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  1. ulogin
    For documentation purpose.
  2. drbluenewmexico
    what happened to the Xears? is the right thread to ask you that?
    thanks, drblue
  3. drbluenewmexico
    oops  i found the wears at the bottom of the amazon bag, glad i kept it!
    will listen now... thanks again, drblue
  4. drbluenewmexico
    i still listen to my GR02 the most on the fly.. what a great balance of bass, midrange and treble
    but most of all they don't need amping, and have LOTS of energy and and carry the rhythmns
    very very well...and best bang for the buck 4.9 on the value index on head-fi major review...
    and thats true...
  5. ulogin
    : )
  6. drbluenewmexico
    wow, the ckm99s continue to break in.  the high harshness and sibulence
    is disappearing the more i play them.  got radio heads kingoflimbs album to
    sound great and thats an album that usually tortures headphones on the 
    electronic highs...then classical music came alive (Goat Rodeo, cello jazz)
    thank you so much for trading me these 99s
    i hope you are finding the er4Bs interesting...
    cheers, drblue
  7. drbluenewmexico
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    Product audio-technica ATH-CKM1000 audio-technica ATH-CK90PROMK2 audio-technica ATH-CK100PRO audio-technica ATH-CK10 Dual Balanced Armature Inner Ear Headphones
    Summary audio-technica ATH-CKM1000  Inner-Ear Headphones 14mm drivers offers wide & deep rich sound re-prodcution Aluminum with titanium body minimizing vibration Powerful low-disto... audio-technica ATH-CK90PROMK2 Inner Ear - Ear Buds Faithful representation by high-quality dual-balanced armature drivers Horn-Shapped Conduit Acoustic HornTechnology Includes: pouch, sili... audio-technica ATH-CK100PRO Audiophile Earbud - Inner Ear Headphones Lightweight titanium housing aids in stopping vibration and improving performance Horn shaped conduit faithfully reproduces o... audio-technica ATH-CK10 Dual Balanced Armature Inner Ear Headphones Dual-Balanced armature design allows rich high and low frequency reproduction not available previously in small inner ear headp...



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  8. ulogin
    Great info!
    Great price! Yet, as you might already know, Audio-Technica uses off-the-shelve dual BA drivers for CK10, which are also used by other manufacturers. Of course implementation is important, but as Joker indicated "the differences between the ATH-CK10 and DBA-02 are fairly small". Indeed, he liked the DBA-02 so much that he said "the DBA-02 is one of the best all-around earphones I have heard for the type of sound I am after. I will compare it mostly to the Audio-Technica CK10 as the two share an uncanny similitude"...
  9. drbluenewmexico
    still interested in the DBA-02 maybe in october if you still have em.  budgeted out till then unless stuff sells.
    do you have the DUNU 17s? and if so for sale?
    thanks, drblue.
    ps my CKM 500s are breaking in nicely and getting mroe and more fantastic, but
    i still am more impressed by the CKM99s, as they have more gusto and punch to them,
    lots of energy, quite fun.  
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