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WTB electrostatic amp less than 200 €

  1. CharB
    I would find an electrostatic amp for my Sennheiser HE60, (220v 50hz)
    if you have an electrostatic amplifier for less than 200 € with shipping to France PM me. Or if you see one
    Thank you
  2. padam
    It might be wiser to save up for something better (like an SRM-T1), unless you have nothing to power the HE60 with. Or maybe an SRD-7 Pro or Mk2 if you have a nice speaker amp.
  3. CharB
    I have no amp, my hev70 has died after a storm.
    I want a little amp for the trip.The best one will srm-252
    I will start later in a kgss.

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