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WTB Custom Art EI.XX or Custom Art Fibae ME

Trader History (6)
  1. roughington
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    • Anywhere
    I've heard they are some very good IEMs but they are hard to come by, I have the usual moolah for tradesies. Ideally they would be universal fit, but if you have customs I will consider them too!
  2. PC_345
    Hi @roughington, I'm selling both my MEs & FIBAE 3 if you're interested. They're both done in custom way according to my ear impressions but are also currently with Custom Art for refit purposes so could either be sent to you the way they are are remade into universals. What price do we talk about?

    The only reason for selling them is desire to buy other IEMs.
  3. BananaOoyoo
    Not sure what the original price for the Ei.XX was, but Piotr (at Custom Art) has a used one for €450 - so €550 including ownership transfer to a custom or universal fit IEM.

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