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WTB: Audience AU24e RCA cable

  1. Furlan
    Looking for the Audience AU24e RCA cable.
    If you would like to sell your pair and they are in good condition, please let me know.
    If you accept Paypal, i can pay immediately. I'll gladly cover the Paypal fees and shipping.
    The shipment will be to Brazil.
    Although I have not been very active on the forum, I do have an eBay account with a score of 20 and a feedback rating of 100%.

    Furlan [​IMG]
  2. Furlan
    You want to sell a RCA cable Audience AU24e?
    Please contact me.
  3. Furlan
    Go up! [​IMG]
  4. Furlan
    How I changed my equipment, I have no more need of cable.
    Thank you.[​IMG]

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