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[WTB] - Astell Kern Ultima SP1000

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  1. aaf evo
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    •   United States
    Best offer:
    Looking to purchase one of these in mint condition with all original packaging and accessories. No scratches on the body or screen :) Preferably SS or Cu but I’ll comsider any version.

    PM me with offers! Potentially looking to trade an iBasso DX200Ti also.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
  2. aaf evo
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
  3. aaf evo
    I’ll PM you
  4. aaf evo
  5. aaf evo
    Up. Looking for any model/color. Pref Cu or SS.
  6. aaf evo
  7. aaf evo
  8. cj3209
    Can't believe you haven't found one yet...
  9. aaf evo
    I’ve been contacted by one or two people but with asking prices far above what they typically sell for.

    I’ve been keeping an eye out on the prices for months so I’m well aware what I should be paying.
  10. aaf evo
  11. aaf evo
    Found, thanks all.
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