WTB: Any iPod (50gb+) (or other?)
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jul 28, 2007
Hey all,

Just got the new iTunes, and it is pretty good! I am busy these days and don't have time to meticulously sort my music the way I like, like I used to, and iTunes can do most of it for me, so, no faffing with SDHC card's and database errors anymore, I don't listen on the go as much as I used to, so the Cowon's great SQ and battery life aren't so important to me anymore, and the hours spent sorting music are spent in vain really now, so I just want something I can plug in, and have it do all the work!

My budget is small though unfortunately, as I plan to get a Nokia N97 in a few months, and I will use that for my music with iTunes, also, I don't really want to get rid of my D2 in case I change my mind in the future, so has anyone got an old iPod in the bottom of a drawer (so a 60gb+ model really, as I have over 30gb of music, but 50+ would suffice if you have modded it with a diff. capacity disk) that you'd like to turn into a few quid? - I don't care about condition, so long as the screen is not very scratched, and the machine works.

So, modded 4g, or a 5/5.5g, or Classic would be the only options, no? So long as it works, screen isn't too scratched, and the better SQ and least hiss, the better.

Anyway, chuck some offers to me
- whatever you have!

Thanks in advance,


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