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WTB Amp for DT990 and AKG K702

  1. lentiman
    I'd like to buy a couple amps for my DT990 and K702's. I've ordered a HeadAmp Pico amp/DAC and am trying to get a RSA P-51 for portable amps. I've replied to a couple FS listings but no one returns my PMs. I'd also like a good desktop amp for about $500 or less to use at work. Anyone have a good desktop amp that would compliment these pairs of cans? Yes, I'm new.
  2. rocknrolldoctor
    There is a DarkVoice 337 for $450 listed for sale, its a top rated tube amp by SkyLab
    I just bought one myself for more and this is good deal with extra tubes..
  3. bik2101
    from what i've read, the 701/702 go best with a solid state amp - not a tube, and would need one capable of driving high current (if i remember correctly)
  4. rocknrolldoctor
    I'm not an expert by a long shot..
    I'm just going by what I read that the Darkvoice is pretty good all around amp Mazuki in his review says it dose very well compaired to his Feel and M3 SS amps with two headphones same brands as OP is looking for but not same models..
    How does it sound:
    My general impression of the amp is that it is astonishingly powerful. My normal listening volume on the DT880s is around 9 o’clock, with the AKG K1000s it is around 12 o’clock. There is a lot of impact, especially in the bass region. Whereas the FEEL or M^3 drives with the force of a large hammer, it feels like the Darkvoice is wielding a sledgehammer. Clipping? No such thing. The sound is very warm, very musical. There is no leanness or glare to the music. The midrange and the highs are both excellent. The amp sounds smooth yet not slow either. The soundstage is incredibly wide, much more than I though possible. Finally, the detail is to die for. Nuances are never lost, subtleties are all revealed. Of course, since there are countless tube rolling options, the sound can be tuned to your own liking. More on that later.
    I think the DT880s share many characteristics with the AKG K1000s. Many people complain about weak bass and piercing highs but praise its incredible detail and unreal soundstage. The Darkvoice 337 compensates for the DT880’s weaknesses and augments its strengths. The bass line here reaches incredibly deep and the drums are conveyed with chilling power. A detailed bass-shy phone could very well sound boring, very analytical. This amp brings back that emotion. Most people agree a tube amp can tame the DT880’s highs and boost its bass. That is exactly what the Darkvoice does. The impact of the outputted sound reminds me of a Dynalo: punchy, dynamic. Yet the tonal balance and the musicality takes me back to the ASL MG Head OTL I used to own. In some respects, the soundstage was even more impressive than the K1000s. How is that possible? When I’m wearing the K1000s, I do not feel like I’m wearing headphones. Deep down, I’m expecting a speaker-like experience, especially since the lack of isolation give me a sense of being “out in the open”. When I’m wearing the DT880s, just by the feeling something covering my ears, I feel I am in some kind of container, isolated. In this state, when I hear something that seemingly comes from behind me or outwards from my sides, I am surprised and thrilled. Whereas the DT880s belie the headphone experience, the K1000s ultimately fall short of the speaker experience.

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