WOW! WTT for Senn HD590/HD600 (CAN TRADE A D-303 FOR YOUR SENN's)
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Jan 27, 2006
Am looking to acquire in excellent (or close) condition, a Pair of HD590's or HD600's, I was looking to trade for Qty 1 Great Condition D-303 Discman with 9V ADAPTOR, SERVICE MANUAL, and LINE-OUT.

The Discman has only one quirk, it needs to have batteries in it along with the AC Power to work, but plays like a dream. No Skipping with Proper CD's, but do not know if it reads Burned cd's because I will not chance it.. (no static anywhere, no loss of signal, silent HP out). Plays flat, no tilt necessary, a beauty of unit ( I need more space in toy room )

Would like to spread the love to the hifi community before posting this player to eBay, where I am somewhat confident this Discman will sell for enough to buy a new pair in box HD-590's... so...

please pm if interested!!
(The trade would be for keeps not temporary I should mention)
D-303 as with all my gear comes from non-smoking dwelling, and is in excellent condition, worthy of a new rig/home.) pictures see below or please request if they do not show!

EDIT: By silent HP out I mean no static/distortion, not that there is no sound out the Headphone Out


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