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wow! super fi 5vi $67 on amazon, worth it or get turbines?

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  1. mmamanx
    Super fi or turbines for $100? On a budget. Currently have zune v2 headphones. Also what about the re0's?
  2. Thecoolguy
    It depends on what you're looking for in a headphone. I'd go for the turbines because of their fun, warm, and bassy sound signature that makes them a joy to listen to
  3. Vegeta55555
    and the super fi 5vi is very neutral.
  4. mmamanx
    Edit to include the re0's, not looking for any one thing in particular, just the best clarity and most balanced overall.
  5. Vegeta55555
    the phonak audeo perfect bass or the "all inclusive" version might be a choice. (you could change the sound with several filters!)
  6. mmamanx
    Ok I narrowed down to re0 and super fi 5.
  7. mmamanx
    Man Im getting mixed reviews! Some people say that the re0's are absolutly amazing, then other people say the bass ruins it, and for super fi, some people say they are amazing, and others say they are just "good".
    Argh....what to buy!!!
  8. stevenswall
    Mc5 would likely provide most if not more of the clarity of the RE0...except the Mc5 doesen't break. MAy want to consider that.
  9. mmamanx


    What do you think of the super fi 5's?
  10. Vegeta55555
    the super fi. is very neutral, but not durable!
  11. mmamanx


    What do you mean by neutral? And Durbale in what way? I mean will they just break by themselves?
  12. Vegeta55555
    neutral means that this iem plays the music so "how it meant to be". And the cable is very thin and weak.
  13. mmamanx


    Overall though would you say the Audio Quality would be worth the $170 they asked for it (original price).
    I think I may go with them.
  14. unleashthemonke
    I'm just going to throw my 2 cents in here.  I am definitely not some massive audiophile but I would like to think I'm not an idiot either.  I actually had the zune v2s and I ended up getting the re0s.  I really love them.  I've never been a basshead or anything so the supposed lack of bass doesn't bother me.  I think that the re0s have very accurate bass, but thats just me.  The re0s are, in my opinion, really really detailed which is what I like.  You can definitely sit there, listen to your music and just pick out every little detail.
  15. Vegeta55555
    yes, it´s worth then!
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