WOW, Sleek Audio RULZ
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Mar 14, 2008
Ok, the bad news is one of my earpieces broke. I dont know how but looking at it from their point of view Id wonder if it was my fault. I wonder the same lol. No clue how it happened.

I sent the one earpiece in Monday and they got it wednesday afternoon according to tracking. Today, at my desk it is Friday, 9:18 in the morning and a DHL package just showed up. As expected my single earpiece was enclosed with the bass = that I left on it to keep dust out.

But thats not all, now it had a = treble port in it and an extra medium tip, and get this, an extra cable. Im dumbfounded, I appreciate what they have done so much I just had to post it right here in the public forum. A company like this should be applauded and then some.

Thanks Sleek Audio, you have a customer for life!
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Jun 27, 2008
I agree too, the cable to left earpiece was fualty on mine so I emailed Jason a couple days ago and today I got email saying a new cable has been shipped. They have great customer service, I was little bummed that my cable had an issue in the first week of having it though.

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