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Wow! Sennheiser HD 540 Reference are so good.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hairspray, Jun 29, 2013.
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  1. jon parker
    Oof...You can never go wrong with a Mullard! :) I found that there are many awesome tubes out there BUT they all offered a different characteristic. I guess my point on the ones I quoted is that they are the most balanced of them all. They offer a bit of everything, low end, smooth mids, nice highs etc ..but of course there are so many different elements that can effect the final sound - a you say, pads, cables, etc etc !
  2. sennsay
    Would love to have helped more on cables for you, but the Mogami #2893 are so good (I have made them for all of my cans) that I've simply stopped looking and researching :)
    Glad you like the wang pads, can you tell me if you too are experiencing greater image height with these pads? I have found that the oval ear openings are great for expanding the soundstage above and out in front of my head and sometimes the fascinating experience of appearing to hear sounds well below chin level. I've owned my Ref 1s since new, 1989, and while they've always been remarkable in creating a sense of bass down into my chest without being boofy and typically bassy like so many other cans, the wang pads have added another dimension of feel to that. Just wondering if others have experienced that and it may be, in part, a combination of the gear I'm using too.
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  3. salaca
    What I like about the new pads is that they open up the space so much that the cans seem to disappear. When the pads arrived I had a friend with me and we were listening to his newly build tube amp. After we had tried the pads he told me he had thought and expected nothing of them, especially the way the looked. But when he put the cans on his head, he was totally blown away. So yes, it creates acoustic space well beyond the dimensions even the open design of the HD540 would suggest.
    Btw, yesterday I made a decision. It's gonna be Viablue EPC-4 with Cardas HPSC and Neutrik 6.3. All the parts are on their way, I'll keep you posted.
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  4. sennsay
    Cool. Cable looks nice, from Germany, just a little bit closer to you than OZ :)
  5. Hifiboi69
    Hello HD540 people, selling my HD540 gold. Pm me or also on ebay 0BF262A1-3FE1-4CF8-9463-EE63D9CCD056.jpeg 32D0CDA3-DE05-4BA6-9072-647633A9A3FA.jpeg E0E019EC-0A58-4CDE-A2E8-97EF505ACCBD.jpeg 9662711C-6654-44DA-9521-815398742BCC.jpeg D5321502-AE28-4DF6-9111-73FD14F5DADC.jpeg 2938D2C8-D8C6-4355-8814-6454DA7B71C9.jpeg
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2020 at 8:23 PM
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  6. lantian
    Measure it with voltmeter. So far the 300ohm version has the same packaging, besides a piece of paper explaining 300ohm choise. Also 300ohm is on the headphone, behind the headband
  7. sennsay
    Definitely 600 ohm cans. Printed on the plastic inside the ear pads as you've photographed there. That does say, GE 600 doesn't it? Or are my eyes deceiving me.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2020 at 12:58 AM
  8. Hifiboi69
    Yep, GE 600. I’m pretty happy. I thought I was getting a 300ohm for sure. I had a beat up 600ohm Gold last year and sold it. I lived with regret ever sense... lol I am definitely going to baby this one and use it when I am not in the mood for Stax.
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  9. sennsay
    I've always preferred any 600 Ohm Senns over 300, as much as I have enjoyed the 300 ohm HD540II's, that upper mid/lower treble peak of the latter only suits some music, whereas virtually everything I play through the Ref 1s is a delight. Probably depends on ears and gear too :) Very cool you're 'back' with the Golds.
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  10. Hifiboi69
    Do you know where I could find velour pads? Or an upgraded cable? I’m in no rush, but I’m just thinking ahead...
  11. sennsay
    Actually, there are options discussed just several posts back, plus my own preference for Mogami cable is well discussed here and I'm not alone. Venus Audio on eBay, if they're still there, they sold Mogami and one other brand all made up.
  12. salaca
    I will have my Viablue cable ready in a few days, and will write up on what I experienced. As for the pads, velour can also work (I went DIY on that one with OK results), but the above mentioned Chinese pads are nothing short of breathtaking. They open up the cans soooo much that last night I was counting the singers in the choir on Gardiner's 1994 version of Purcell's Ode for St. Cecilia's Day and Dido and Aeneas. And I have known that album since it came out back in the day.
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  13. sennsay
    Great news on the pads, that's exactly why I like them so much, the bass is much more linear .... in fact everything sounds much more linear than with any other pads I've used. They're keepers for sure.
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