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Wow! Sennheiser HD 540 Reference are so good.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hairspray, Jun 29, 2013.
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  1. jon parker
    I was going to look it up but I thought Naaaa, I'll just get upset at the price :)
  2. sennsay
    It's considered an absolute bargain, is somewhat configurable and output transformerless too. If I hadn't just spent some good cash on a new valve preamp kit, I'd have saved longer and looked at the ZOTL :)
  3. sennsay
    Check out this review of the microZOTL2 ... if you dare :)

    Damn, I've read three reviews now and all of them are nothing but glowing and sometimes ecstatic praise. I may have muttered something about having to sell stuff to get one of these things .......
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2018
  4. myusernameislove
    Few more pads - HD525 (it is different material than that material on original HD265 pads - looks cheaper but was expensive as hell) and HD560 pads (it is black velour - nice and soft) both from Audiosanctuary

    It looks like original HD250 linear 2 pads, foam inserts and white circles. Headphones came in cleaned condition so I do not guarantee that rhese are original, but it looks like they are - a little worn out, but foam inserts look like new.

    Brainwavz XL perforated pleather pads - too big, and soundwise not too great with HD series. I will try them with AKGs later.

  5. dakanao
    I just tried the pleather pads with the HD 540 Gold, Canare mini star quad cable w/ Chord Mojo as my DAC.

    So clean and natural it's amazing. Midbass isn't lacking anymore with the cable and those pads. Was worth trying it once.

    I will say though, that the treble of the Brainwavz velour XL sounds more refined than the pleather pads, but the bass and vocals are a bit too weak compared to the pleather pads.
  6. BucketInABucket
    I wonder how different the sheepskin ones are to the pleather ones...that's my experience exactly when I tried sheepskin!
  7. dakanao
  8. BucketInABucket
  9. dakanao
    Has anyone compared the Brainwavz Sheepskin to the Velour? I'm wondering which one will be softer and more comfortable.. And also wonder if the Sheepskin pads bring a bit more bass and lower midrange (vocal body) in comparison to the Velours..
  10. dakanao
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2018
  11. dakanao
  12. dakanao
    Hey I'm wondering, have you heard either Brainwavz Velours or Sheepskin pads?
  13. jon parker
    Hi Guys

    I would like to BUY
    I have for SALE 1x - 600 ohm HD 540 capsule - As new
    fingers crossed :)
  14. myusernameislove
    Nope, and probably never will. Maybe velour ones.
    Sheepskin pads could sound similarily to my Brainwavz memory foam pads. The same goes with HM5 pads. I still may give chance to another manufacturer of pads, but.. currently I think that I got enough material to make up my mind. So far those chinese pleather pads from ebay sound best to me from all pads I own on my portable rig, but I need to confirm it on my main rig. I still may order few more pads in future, but if I confirm my finding now, that Thick wrap makes the sound sound worse, I may not. Chinese pleather pads have thin pleather wrap. There seem to be a reason why thick wrap would kill highs, detail and natural timbre - simply by the fact that it is so thick. Something thinner may be needed, and that is either thin pleather wrap, velour or fabric. Another influence comes from the inner material - foam: memory foam vs classic foam vs wool vs cotton etc. I will need to try another filling materials, once I find ideal wrap material.Next thing that influences sound are thin synthetic fiber rings in between the foam fings in the pad itself, they may add some slam and they probably tighten the sound. So I guess after I decide what kind of pad is most suitable for modding, I will try to empty it from its current foam and try to fill it with something different. Either velour or thin pleather ones. It seems to me, that such experiments may be best done on those cheaper pads from ebay (on both velour and pleather ones). So I may start there with my modding effert of CREATING best sounding pad. If it will considerably improve the sound of original replacement pad, that I will value most at that moment, I will consider it succesfull effort. During the process of decisioning I will find best suitable pad for my other headphone models as well - for both Hd560s and HD250s. I may find out, that I prefer different wrap material or different combination of materials with different headphone models.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2018
  15. SHAMuuu
    The whole 540 vs 560 vs 250 has got me feeling discombobulated. Quite the rabbit hole.
  16. jon parker
    You could look at it like this
    The King - HD 540 Reference open back - One of the best 'Reference' headphones ever made
    The Queen - HD 250 (HD540 Closed back with a bit more oomph in the low end) - One of the 'best' closed back headphones ever made [add your caveats here!]
    The Prince - The HD 560 - Tuned for a more 'hi-fi' listen - a bit more lively
    Basically it!

    They each compliment each other quite well :)
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2018
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