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Wow! Sennheiser HD 540 Reference are so good.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hairspray, Jun 29, 2013.
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  1. sennsay
    Now, if you thought the HD540s weren't half bad in THAT condition, you really have missed out! Life might yet serve you up another opportunity :) Mine retained almost all of their finest qualities tonight even through a surprisingly(!) good Pioneer VSX-D512 home theatre receiver I picked up the other day for $30. Amazingly couth and very tuneful with excellent PRaT, I'm delighted with it. The sheer joie de vivre with a set of small Gale Mini Monitors MkII on 70cm stands continues to astonish me and sounds just as fine with the Ref1s and HE400S.
    I hear you though, you bought the 712s for mixing and mastering, I hope they work a treat for you in that context.
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  2. sennsay
    This brilliant article featured in the excellent enjoythemusic.com site explains beautifully ... and with great humour ... why I get so much enjoyment from my HD540 Ref1s/Mimby/Magni 3 set up, they do almost all of these qualities so well! The Audio-gd/HD430s are close behind, only the quantity of the lowest bass stops them from being right up there. The quality of the bass is wonderful!
    Well written by Douglas Brown of Novo High End.
  3. TominJapan
    So I did receive a pair of HD800S; Listening to my "reference" which is the SACD Perahia / BWV1044 Allegro masterpiece
    First impressions are that HD540 Ref I are far more organic which for me means closest to real live performance, the flute is simply outstanding
    Soundstage of the HD800S is larger; bass more present certainly very refined and detailed; but I feel the HD800s as just a little veiled (if I may) when doing an A- B comparison I need obviously more quality time with both on my TEAC UD301/ Matrix balanced amp
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  4. BaltColts
    Has anyone paired the 540, of any variant, with a Sony WM1A?
  5. dakanao
    Honestly, I don't think the Chord Mojo improves the HD 540 Ref 1 300 ohm compared to my laptops headphone out to be worthy of it's price. Yes, the sound is certainly more technically capable, however the overall coherence of the music, isn't that improved, and I feel like the laptop's headphone out is less edged/smoother, than the Mojo.

    Could that be because the laptops soundcard resolves way less than the Mojo, and so in return the sound gets smoother? Because even though the HD 540 is less clear and smoother from the laptop, it certainly doesn't lack clarity in the slightest.
  6. dakanao
    I just played some Modern Warfare 2, a game known for it's very good soundplacement, and the HD 540 is amazing for that with Dolby Headphone, even though it's hard to drive, it does clearly better than the Sennheiser HD 579. Yes, I'm not gonna play FPS games on the HD 579 anymore, the HD 540 is clearly better.
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  7. sennsay
    Yes, organic is exactly how the HD540 Ref1s present music, it's why I enjoy them so much more than any other headphone. The Mogami cable allows them to do than even better :)
  8. dakanao
    Hey guys, is this the 300 or 600 ohm model of the 540 Gold?

  9. jon parker
    As far as I know the Golds were only ever made in 300 ohm
  10. lantian
    That is the 300 ohm version, that white paper is there only for the 300ohm version. It explains that because of developments they have done the driver impedance has been lowered to 300ohm. I personally prefer the 600ohm version, it somehow sounds/feels more real/organic than the 300ohm ones, either are amazing.
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  11. dakanao
    How does the 300 ohm version compare to the Reference II?
  12. jon parker
    I never liked the Ref II. For me it seemed a little too 'HiFi', The Ref I seems more 'Audiophile' Where as the Golds are better suited / tuned to Pro audio studio use
    However, pads can make a nigh and day difference so its tricky to say definitely
  13. GU1DO
  14. lantian
    I can not quite put it in words for everyone to understand .As I would describe it the 600ohm version sounds totally alive to me(timbre, transients,imaging) and the 300ohm one is missing some of that liveliness and timbre is different. Weir that detail wise they seem identical. The 300ohm version is just different. As far as I can tell the first 5-8 thousand of reference gold's where 600ohm and the later ones are all 300ohm. Could be wrong but so far everything I have seen or have indicates it. 20 thousand where made in total.
  15. dakanao
    No, I meant the regular HD 540 Ref II vs HD 540 Gold 300 ohm
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