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Wow! Sennheiser HD 540 Reference are so good.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hairspray, Jun 29, 2013.
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  1. lantian
    Pads also make quite a bit of difference, so far the original white/black pads sound the best.
    Would suggest getting them if you get a chance.
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  2. swagadelic
    I think people here tend to exaggerate alot. I'm convinced I'll be happy with my new k712 pro. And if not, I'll save up for the he500i. And if not them I'll save up for the lcd4.
  3. sennsay
    Even some of the $1000 cans I've heard do not have the organic life of the HD540 Ref1s as I have them here. In fact, after last night's session with the HD430s, I'll take them over many new headphones as well, including the HD6xx, the latter only being more versatile in being able to be used with a variety of amps.
    Yes, I will look out for a good pair of HD540 Ref Golds! I'm not that interested in almost all of the new models as I am reluctant to spend the exorbitant amount of $$ for them, no matter how good they may be. It would also mean me spending yet more $$$ on an Yggy and better amp to make the purchase worth it for the end results. I get far too much sheer joy from what I have here now, to have the serious urge to spend up where lots of cash is required for what is often just small improvements.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018
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  4. TominJapan
    Owning two 540s and love them :) anyone willing to share some comparison with the HD800s ? :)
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  5. swagadelic
    got the akg k712 pro now, and well, it was certainly not an upgrade.
    the hd540 does everything this do , but just better overall. this headphone can produce more bass - but it has way way less of it; even compared to the somewhat thin Hd540.
    i have never heard a headphone like the k712 before - able to produce sub-bass so clearly but yet with such a low impact. impossible to mix kickdrums and basslines on these.

    will most likely return them in a few days if not a miracle happens during these days (hrm-burn-in-hrm-hrm)
    anyway, i miss my hd540 already
  6. SHAMuuu
    The pads need to form to head and seal, which is not burn in, but changes the sound, for the better
    same with many pads which form to head.
    Give it some time, and EQ or sonarwors b4 giving up, the 712 is a beast of a headphone, close to speaker sound relatively speaking
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  7. swagadelic
    Thank you. I haven't given up on them yet, they do produce a very pleasant sound
  8. sennsay
    My good 'old' HD430s are very similar, not a lot of bass, yet the quality is outstanding. Your new headphones might take some time to run in, you could just want to enjoy the process and appreciate what they do well :)
  9. swagadelic
    Yes i was a bit rough on the poor k712 initially.. I have an amp now and have done some equing and I find them quite good now. They reveal more of the mix than the hd540 does, and it's a little bit easier to spot bad mixing choices than on the hd540.
    The hd540 has more pleasant tone though overall, and there is nothing resembling sibilance on those. The mids are superb and the bass while a bit thin are defined and clear.
    The k712 has more bass, but it feels a bit slow and loose in the lowest of end, a bit distorted in the mid low, and touch muddy in the low mids.

    They respond quite good to eq though. The treble is on the sharp side but still ok. They aren't as open and detailed as the hd540.

    So all in all the hd540 is much more pleasant but I do think the k712 is still better for mixing they are reveal monsters.
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  10. sennsay
    Ah, but you haven't upgraded the HD540s, right? No new cables or pads and inner foams? They are a different beastie once that is done, there will be no lack of bass with pleather pads, for starters :)
  11. jon parker
    Exactly what I was trying to convey earlier. The 712 Pro is ok but the'Pro' very much dictates what they tuned for - professional audio work
    I certainly found the 712's to be reliable for critical mixing / mastering but the 540 presents so much more the actual experience of music
    as its played and heard live . . . for me anyway :)
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  12. sennsay
    Agreed :) They sing, they dance, they groove and best of all, they communicate feeling and emotion.
  13. swagadelic
    No i didn't experience the full thing my inner foam pads were completely dissolved and the pads were stock cloth. So i missed out :)
  14. swagadelic
    I completely agree. The hd540 was much more fun to listen to ! But in the end i think I'll be happy with the k712 as I bought them for mixing / mastering purposes, and they seem to perform really well in this regard.
  15. jon parker
    Glad to hear it. Its not easy to find headphones that are tuned to be reliable in this way. The 712's I found to be quite reliable. I only sold them because I needed the money :frowning2:
    In case you haven't heard Sennhiser is relating the 300 Pro in a few days. They say they have tuned them [successfully] to be as close as possible to the legendary HD 250 (essentially the closed back version of the HD 540's) Im going to get a set which Im sure will be fine for work BUT may even be as good as the HD 250 for music listening pleasure?! :)
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