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Would you rather....


Would you rather have

  1. Perfect hearing that never deteriorates with age

  2. All the free gear (no resale) you could want for the rest of your life

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  1. CoryGillmore
    If you had a choice between perfect hearing (as perfect as human hearing could be) that never deteriorates with age and abuse, or all the free head-fi gear (no resale) you could ever want for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

    It's tempting but I think I'd go for the hearing. I added in the no resale clause cause without it, it's essentially infinite wealth LMAO.

    Would being able to resell the gear affect your decision? It would certainly affect mine...
  2. nordkapp
    Perfect hearing......forever.......
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  3. baskingshark
    Definitely health is more important than wealth IMHO. No point having all the material possessions in the world if you don't have the health to appreciate or utilize it (not only talking about audio gear but for other stuff in general).

    From a personal standpoint, I have slight high frequency hearing loss from playing in a band for over 15 years, and I really wish I knew about hearing protection when I was younger. Well it isn't as bad as to affect my appreciation of music and in daily conversation, but still, I would like to have reversed the hearing loss if I could, but it is permanent unfortunately.
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  4. wuwhere Contributor
    Its like would you rather have have all the exotic cars in the world but you are going blind or a perfect vision with a prius.
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  5. CoryGillmore
    Meh not exactly. Plenty of people enjoy this hobby into their senior years with normal hearing loss and still get enjoyment out of it. I'm 34 and already can't hear anything above like 12.5-13khz. Which is only a little less than normal I believe. I attribute it to my car audio enthusiast days. BASS BRO!
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  6. CoryGillmore
    To be more specific, this is the reason my hearing sucks. This is my old 2000 Tahoe. Picture is from 2006. That’s 4 13.5 inch JL Audio W6 subs. It was great fun haha.
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  7. baskingshark
    That is wicked!
    CoryGillmore likes this.
  8. CoryGillmore
    TY sir! I've still got most of it. Well I still have 3 subs and all the amps. I want to setup two of the subs in my home theater. I was looking into one of those thousand watt Dayton Audio sub amps. I've actually already got the subs placed in my theater room (where they've sat unwired for over two years now) just waiting on some power! The ohms and jumpers and all that stuff confuses me though. I don't want to buy an amp and fry it because I don't know what I'm doing.
  9. baskingshark
    Haha now I know why u asked the question in this thread. With such a great setup, I'd be super tempted to blast my music too. But do take care of your hearing friend! Everything in moderation LOL!
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  10. PointyFox
    I bought all the best stuff and then sold it all, settling on some MUCH cheaper but almost as good stuff. Less concern about them getting damaged or stolen and easier to sell them if I don't want them at some point.
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  11. CoryGillmore
    Cmon not one person wants infinite gear?
  12. serman005
    Sorry, I will always go with health...
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  13. yyzpam
    Its not even a contest.....health over EVERYTHING
  14. Svafrlami
    Probably almost no one will pick free gear over their health i think.
  15. WalkerTS
    No point having all the free gear if I can't hear nothing

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