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Would You Consider V-Moda Italian or American?

  1. Audioutte
    The founder is Italian and the advertisements say "Inspired in Italy"... But it was developed I believe in California and assembled in china.
    I will say though that the durability, quality, engineering, innovation and performance is something defiantly not American but feels like a mix of German and Italian with some Japanese engineering.
    Also do you feel that German, Japanese or Italian  headphones have the typical characteristics of either German, Japanese or Italian Cars? In what way?
  2. Tom Yum Goong
    Well, one thing is for sure.
    I've never somebody asking things like this here on Head-Fi :D

    Interesting thoughts, though!

    I really can't think of Italian headphones off the top of my head right now.
    On the other hand....german headphones? Hmm I barely ever read about Sennheiser or Byerdynamic headphones being poorly engineered or having bad build quality. So that comparsion might work.
    Don't know anything about Japanese headphones/cars :3

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