Would the MS1, or a noise cancelling can, be better than my Koss Porta Pro with my Ipod on a bus?
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Jan 20, 2008
I have already got the Koss Porta Pro to use with my iPod, as I commute on the bus. Question is, would the MS1 really be an upgrade? For what kind of music?

Or, should I go a different route and get a pair of noise cancelling cans? The bus is kind of noisy.
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It would sound better surely but it wouldn't be quite as portable.

Active noise-canceling systems are bad for sound quality, as they produce a type of destructive wave interference to "cancel out" any ambient sound picked up with their external microphone. They also use batteries which can add to your expenses.

Sealed headphones or IEMs are really the best way to cut out the din. If you're not keen on things entering your ear canal, there are a fairly wide selection of supra-aural sealed headphones with portable use in mind.
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Noise cancelling headphone generally sound horrible. Something so artificial about them. I'd stick with the Prota Pro if that were the only options. Personally I use IEM's (IM716) and I couldn't be happier with their noise reducing capabilities.
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Pick up a pair of closed headphones or IEM's, you will really save your ears, and no one around you will have to hear the music you are listening too.
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For what it's worth, I ride the NYC subway every day. I'm currently using the Etymotic ER-4P IEMs and they are great for isolation (and also for sound -- even right out of my 60gb iPod with Apple Lossless files.) I also really enjoyed the 6i as well, but I upgraded and gave those to the little lady.
(She's not even a music dork, and she went crazy over the sound and the isolation.)

With both of them, I was blown away by how little outside noise I was hearing. It's definitely not 100%, but it's far better than I was expecting. The outside noise is definitely quiet enough for me to forget about it most of the time and to really hear the music.
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I've listened extensively to the MS1 and to the Portapros.

If it's a choice between the two, I think you're better off with the Portapros in this one and only aspect, which is portability.

If your main use is in riding around the city, I'd stick with the Koss. Less leakage, less bulky, and you're gonna lose the wonderful balance and details that the MS1 normally gives if you use them in a noisy environment. Whereas the Koss Phones have energy and boom even on a crowded bus.


I agree with the ealier posts. Best choice is getting iems. I bring my Kramer Modded Marshmallows as my cheap on-the-go option, and it's very difficult get better value than that. I hear they've been going for even less than 10$ in some places. That's a no regrets situation.

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