Would it be worthwhile to upgrade to a better DAC?
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New Head-Fier
Jan 28, 2020
I'm currently playing audio CDs on a Yamaha DVD-S1800 DVD player, which uses Burr-Brown DACs - I think they're the PCM1791.

My headphones are Sennheiser HD 600, and I'm 99% sure I'm getting a pair of Hifiman Sundaras within a few weeks. I have a Monolith Liquid Spark amp as well as a Little Dot Mk III.

Would it be worthwhile to purchase a standalone DAC, say a Topping D50s or something else in that price range?
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From experience I'd say get the best dac/amp you can so when you switch out headphones (which is inevitable not matter how much you think you will not) becomes a piece of cake.

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So we can assume the headphone amplifiers (Liquid Spark & LD MK III) are normally connected to the line-output (RCA) jacks on the back of the Yamaha?
I'm going to guess the PCM1791 is a very decent DAC chip.
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No, a new DAC should not hugely improve if at all your sound. If you feel the need to upgrade, and I can relate, start with a new headphone.

Changing out headphones is the best way to give your ears and brain something new to feed on. Now if you need more amp power then that is another issue. Such may be the case with current hungry planars.

Keep your DAC and go from there my friend.

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