Would an AKG K701 be inappropriate for this amp?
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Jun 8, 2008
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Without having seen the inside of it I bet you it uses a PCM27XX or PCM29XX chip for everything. Headphone output level on those two chips won't drive a K701 to anything other than a whisper. Period. It is well overpriced as well.
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I can have either a PCM2707 or a PCM2705 in it.

Other people claim that it can power the phones fine.
Power Output = 12 mW, R = 32 Ohms
I am a total n00b, though, so those figures mean next to nothing to me.

I was thinking more in terms of sound quality, though.

Thanks very much.
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you really really really do not want to skimp on amplification with either the K701 or DT-880s. a lot of entry level and some mid level home amps have trouble powering both with authority, so I very much doubt the amp you linked to would power them well.
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Get an emu 0404, M-Audio Transit, Zero DAC, etc. before you would get that. There are afew DAC/amp combos on ebay and this is one place thjat you really don't want to skimp too much because a bad source will make everything else bad.
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Or custom order the 880s at 32 Ohm and you wont need an amp at all. Spend that 129 on custom Beyers. 701s? No way. After a year or a month or what have you, then you can buy an amp and in the mean time enjoy the 880s straight out of your sound card or DAP.
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I think the HOTUSB3 would be great for those phones. It will give you a GREAT DAC for your money, one that I believe would be hard to match for the money. It is hand built and has a very 'sweet' , 'warm' sound, as well as being extremely accurate.
It has the 1/4 inch jack that the AKG K701 phones have, and also I believe would match up great with them. Plus if your not happy, I'll give you a full refund. I'll even refund your shipping. The HOTUSB3 listed has a new lower price as well. It's on sale
And later, if you do decide you need more power, you'd want a great sounding DAC in front of your AKG K701 anyways....


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