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Would a Fiio E10 rescue a really crappy sounding laptop?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by flagellin, Dec 19, 2011.
  1. Flagellin
    So from what I understand, you just plug the Fiio E10 into the computer by USB and your headphones into the jack, correct? The audio quality from my headphone jack is terrible, significantly worse than my ipod touch, even on ibuds. 
    Basically what I'm wondering is: Would the Fiio E10 make my computer sound better, bypassing the sound card completely?
  2. NA Blur
    Yes!  Most computers use terrible DAC chips and have power surrounding the audio train causing severe noise issues which I am sure you have heard.  These are the "bleep bloops" especially heard from your processor and when you move the mouse.  An external DAC takes the 1's and 0's straight from the built in audio CODEC, no bypassing that, and transfers them to either your headphones directly or to a headphone amplifier.  For me going from my PC's audio to my Bithead and specially my m903 the improvement is monumental.  I cannot stand to listen to my headphone out jack on my sound card.
    Rest assured that the Fii0 and BIthead will translate those 1's and 0's properly and give you a much improved audio experience.
    Best of luck and happy Holidays.
  3. Flagellin

    Thank you! I realized later that I posted in the wrong section, but the Fiio E10 isn't really portable since it needs USB power to run. Anyway, I just ordered it, and I'm looking forward to the improvement. 

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