Would a Bithead be an ok 1st dac/amp? D2? Something else?
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What headphones are you using? The bithead is a great sounding little amp for the money, and will power most headphones quite well. It'll even drive 300 ohm phones relatively well because of it's high gain switch.
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What turned me off about the bithead is that it only runs on batteries. If you're on a tight budget, you might be better off with something with a power adapter (I think the D2 has a power adapter, I know the D1 does), even though it's a little more expensive initially.
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if the bithead is connected to your pc via usb and your audio is muted on the computer, the bithead can run off the usb power, but it will not charge the batteries.
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Hi. I think the Bithead would be a decent first DAC/Amp. That's how I started (bought in 2006, but was pre2006 model. Mine had no gain switch), and I heard substantial improvements even using it amp only with my ipod at the time. (4th gen ipod + akg k26p for portable; laptop -> bithead -> hd600 at home). I was a lower volume listener so the hd600 did ok with me for awhile.

Wasn't planning to post, but your avatar is very interesting. Where did you find it? Could you send me a large version of it? Also, please throw me a PM, I might have some good news for ya.
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There's tons of decent choices for an amp/DAC combo these days now. 2Move, Go-Vibe Petite, D2, Bithead, all are good choices. The $50 should be a non-factor, as all the amps ring in at around $200, and it really depends on your cans and personal tastes.

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