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Worth getting Fiio E5/6?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by newbie2013, Mar 13, 2013.
  1. Newbie2013
    Hi all! Posted this in the wrong forum, so here goes: I was wondering if getting the e5/6 for my android HTC phone would offer any marked improvements over any eq apps available in the app store? I have a pair of Sennheiser eh150. Is it even worth getting it or am I simply going to waste money? Any advice is welcome, thanks!
  2. Seekky
    i just got the E5, tbh, not too impressive.
  3. howzitboy
    just for fun I grabbed my daughters samsung galaxy S phone and plugged my E5 into it.i told her play some music, but she dont have any songs on her phone so did the rhapsody to find something. with the amp on, i could get the volume nice and loud, but w/out it, I could barely hear the music! So, yes I'd get one
  4. Newbie2013
    @Seekky: Why not? Didn't improve sound quality, volume level or such?

    @howzitboy: At higher volumes, was the sound still clear and crisp?
  5. Seekky
    A higher volume, yes. SQ improvement, can't feel it.
  6. Newbie2013
    I see...so then the E5 would just be for achieving higher volumes and nothing more. Thanks for the input!
  7. Mooses9
    Exactly just more volume but better sound quality definitly not. Imo it would be a waste of money.
  8. Newbie2013
    Looks like I'll hold off on getting it then. Thanks so much again guys! :D
  9. Bassheadspl
    100% worth it.The fiio e5 is an impressive device for what the size actually is! It works great, it adds some more volume and has a bass booster switch for more bass. If the fiio e5 doesn't have enough volume, then i would suggest the fiio e11 because it has more power.
  10. harold9000
    Agree, have e6, music plays louder, but little amp delivers & drives my IEMs just fine, sound improvement not major but solid clear sound. EQ. Settings fun and work well. IPad just not enough power & distortion on some material when drove to max settling. e6 delivers enough power, Doubt if my IEMs could play any louder without distortion. $25 good enough, fun, my go to amp on the run. Don't worry about. Worth it. Fun audio on the go

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