Worth attempting to fix/recable or should I just get a new set of IEMs
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Jan 22, 2016
I have a set of earphones, nothing fancy, they're the AKGs that come with one of the samsung phones I think? I literally just picked them up off of my mom a bit ago because she never used them and I didn't have any decent working sets on hand. Lo and behold someone ran into me and got tangled in them while I was walking around one day and now the left bud doesn't work. The casing's been stretched so it's like 2 inches longer than the right bud (which is still intact) and I'm pretty sure whatever's inside got snapped.


I'm just wondering how much and how hard it'd be just to fix these, or if I'd honestly be better off buying a new set somewhere. I've never recabled or messed with any sort of gear before but I honestly don't have the funds or energy to find a new set right now if I can avoid it. Any advice would be great.


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