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Worst recorded/Mastered Albums

Discussion in 'Music' started by dynasonic, Apr 30, 2010.
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  1. necropimp
    plenty of examples from non-mainstream metal... here's a few that are plagued by bad mixing or mastering
    Necrotic Disgorgement - Suffocated In Shrinkwrap... this one was released in 2004 with a mix that while you could hear all the instruments fairly well the drum mixing needed a bit of work and the vocals were too low in the mix... they tried to fix this in 2006 but the result was a muddy mush... sure you could hear the vocals and the drum mixing was tamed but they buried the bass guitar and the 2 guitar tracks lost nearly all separation and mush together... also the cymbals seem muffled
    Balrog - Ars Talionis: The Art Of Retaliation... album gain -14.10dB... need i say more?
    Darkthrone - Panzerfaust... yeah picking on panzerfaust and not the previous 3... why? the infamous vocal mixing that brings down the enjoyment of the otherwise excellent music
  2. TheGhostWhoWalks
    I was listening to Destruction's Release from Agony the other night and it's really, really bad... even by typical thrash standards.
  3. AmanGeorge Contributor
    The worst thing I've ever heard was "Treats" by Sleigh Bells at RMAF.  Quite a gem (thanks Tyler).
  4. kstaken
    I'll add my vote for Metallica Death Magnetic. Even the vinyl sounds awful which is really too bad as I think it's a decent album.
  5. DJGeorgeT
    metal recordings are of poor quality. Poor mastering is to be expected.
  6. Solrighal


    Agreed! My all-time favourite metal album has to be "Operation Mindcrime" by Queensryche. I went to the expense of buying the remaster and while it's better, it's still awful. Awesome music though.
  7. Gazza


     Whilst most Metal recordings aren't going to match the quality of the world's wankiest audiophile albums Metal for the most part sounds fine and at times sounds simply amazing, especially through vinyl.
    I'm guessing you've been exposed to very little Metal.
  8. DJGeorgeT
    no, I listen to a lot of metal. Vinyl is different as it requires a different type of mastering to ensure the stylus will ride stably on the grooves. Typically, music on vinyl sounds better regardless of whether it is metal or not. On the other hand, on CD, most metal albums fail to impress me. I have some norwegian metal with very low quality production and recording quality, which is due to a limited production budget. And then, it is worse once it gets on CD. Mastering is very poor.
  9. Gazza


    Black Metal is hardly indicative of the entire genre. I own about 1300 Metal albums and for the most part they sound great.
  10. DJGeorgeT
    I think you misread my post. I own lots of metal, but they one way or another could sound better. But even if they sound bad, I still listen to them. I know you are offended, but there is no reason to be offended. It does not take a mastering engineer to realize that many of these recordings sound bad.
  11. sokolov91


    x >9000
  12. paamlogs


    I have to disagree wholeheartedly with that. Sound Awake is one of my favourite albums from 2009. A huge step up from their first album and I would consider it a masterpiece. And I also love the production. There is quite a strong high end roll off but the album has alot of texture. It sounds rich and natural and is a really nice change from alot of over produced rock/metal albums. I especially like the drum sound.
    And on the note of The Mars Volta I also have to disagree. While there is fair amount of brick walling going on on Frances the Mute it has so much energy and power. I also love the textures and layers. It is alot less harsh than Deloused.
    I agree with Operation Mindcrime. Love the album but it was the early days of digital production and the album suffers.
    It's not so much bad but I was quite disappointed with the sound of Tool's 10000 days. Its muddy and unclear. After the crystaline spacious sound of Lateralus I thought it was a step back.
  13. patsyleung
    RHCP - Californication x inf
    Such a shame my second to fave album of RHCP is unlistenable. Had to search for a bootleg vinyl rip, and though not brickwalled, still exhibits compression artifacts throughout :frowning2:
    IT'S OVER 9000! XD
  14. sokolov91

    was intentional :wink:
    IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!
    But seriously... death magnetic is Fing horrible. absolute garbage. The songs are good though.

  15. DJGeorgeT
    My favorite album this year is by Pendulum. No not metal. Anyways, it is a shame that is just sounds like crap. Shame on Rob Swire. I rip these cds to flac and really, it is not worth the high quality format. BTW, I am not audiophile for the sake of being audiophile, so you won't see me trade my music for better recorded and mastered jazz and classical music, which I listen as well. In other words, I am not trading my musical preferences with other types of music styles because of the availability of better recordings.
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