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[World Wide] GRADO SR80 - recabled with Canare L4E6S

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by mradrian, May 20, 2013.
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  1. mrAdrian
    For Sale
    FS is a pair of older SR80 without the mushroom cups. I bought them second hand with the cable broken a while back, recabled them, had fun with it... And now it is time to part with them
    I will provide some mod materials like self-adhesive felt and dynamat because I think greater sound could be achieved and that they are worth it. The cups are already opened so you do not have to risk sinking them in boil water and prying them out with a fork.
    Pads were sock modded but like with all socks of course I can take them off or leave them on [​IMG]
    I have terminated them with a 3.5trs but if you like to we can change it. The cable is 1.4 meters long.
    TTVJ Slim included in the picture is for sale as well.
  2. gradohn
    It's good price for such headphones.
  3. GaryPham
    Is price including shipping already?
  4. DMax99
    I've pmed you with my mobile :wink:
  5. mrAdrian
    Sale On Hold To Dmax Atm, As I Will Be Doing A PUrple Cable Braid FoR Him!
  6. lin0003
    Still available?
  7. DMax99

    I've bought it :wink:
  8. lin0003
    Dang, looked like it was very nice. 
  9. mrAdrian
    Post some pictures for our friends here, and also so I get a copy :D
  10. DMax99

    I've changed the headband too, the stock one was already broken a little and is also not comfortable at all.
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