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Working inside data center not sure what to get.

  1. jeff1304
    Hello Everyone,

    I recently started a new job working in a data center and am looking to get a better set of headphones for my purposes than the ath m40x that I have. Requirements are wireless and closed back but i have been having a very hard time finding any without active noise canceling. I will be working in a loud work environment most of the day and am looking for something that will help isolate outside sound while still being great to listen to. I have been tempted to take the dive and get the new wh-1000xm3 but im not sure i want to get active noise canceling. the other one i was looking at is the v moda crossfade 2 codex but i keep seeing that its semi open.

    what do you guys think ? what would you suggest ?
  2. tomb
    Just my humble opinion, but you'd be better off with a portable source and wired headphones. Your options on wireless are limited and the sound quality, even more so.

    If your ears can tolerate them, you might have better luck with IEMs such as a pair of Etymotics. The sound isolation is unbeatable. Airport workers often use them.
  3. MindsMirror
    I doubt you will be able to achieve good enough isolation with non noise cancelling headphones. I work in a semiconductor test lab which is a similar noise environment to a data center, and I use Shure SE215 wireless. If I didn't want to use in ears I would probably get the Bose QC35 since they seem to have the best comfort and isolation/cancelling, which in my opinion are by far the two most important factors in that kind of environment. For ultimate sound quality and isolation you could try IEMs with ear muffs over them.
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Barring IEM levels of passive noise cancellation I seriously doubt you can make do without ANC on a headphone in an environment like that. It's a data center with all that cooling and hard drives in there. My own desktop PC at its most quiet setting (intake fans at max, CPU and exhaust at minimum, GPU on Zero Fan Mode) is still audible with no music running if I wear closed backs. That data center is a lot louder than that and you'd have to rely waaaaay more on playing the music louder which will have an impact on battery life and your ear health.

    Even if ANC isn't exactly Hi-Fi, you have to consider your environment. Even if you can haul the best speaker system in there it's still going to sound like crap given the ambient noise, and either an IEM or circumaural ANC will be better suited for that environment. Note that people who don't like ANC for not really being HiFi aren't listening in the same kind of environment, or if they do, they're using IEMs.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2018
  5. nlowran
    I work in a call center with about 400 ppl on the floor talking and have a pair of Crossfade 2's and when you turn them up you can't hear anyone at all. They usually have them at best buy in the magnolia section if you want to check them out. Pretty solid base too.

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