Woo's New Flagship WA33

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  1. Sonic77
    The WA33 will take on a lot of the attributes of the source that's why I'm saying have a good source. I have been listening to my PS Audio Direct Stream dac with SOtM sMs-200, the sound is buttery smooth and still clear, I want to connect it to my speaker system to check it out, but with the WA33 it takes me to dream land.
  2. melb0028
    Just a quick post to contribute further impressions to the discussion - I'm a new owner of the WA33. This was a step up from my prior amp the Cavalli Lau which was an amazing amp in its own right. I'm using the KR2A3s (much better by a mile than the stock 2A3s), and the Takatsuki 274B. Focal utopia for headphones. The amp has only about 20 hours on it -
    First impression is wow - I had no idea there was so much more resolution, detail within the music. Suddenly I can hear new elements to to music I have heard a thousand times through the years. Quite a revelation. The soundstage has opened up nicely, with even more precise placement of each instrument in an expanded space compared to my Lau. In addition, bass attack and depth is stronger and fuller and there is no hint of sharp treble at any volume. On a fine recording such as those from mapleshade records this is as close to in the room at the mic that I have heard. I also notice much prolonged cymbal decay, and sharper drum attack. All across the spectrum from low to high there is more to hear and appreciate.
    I believe this is a truly remarkable and astounding achievement by Jack Wu - I congratulate him for all he has accomplished with this amp. This is so much more musical in every way then I thought was possible from headphones. Just amazing...
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  3. Sonic77
    Thanks for your impressions, I feel pretty lucky to own this amp as well, My headphones are the Abyss Phi. Here are some more impressions.

  4. dawktah2
    What DAC are you using?
  5. melb0028
    I'm using a Berkeley Reference with MQA update - I slowly traded in and invested/upgraded over the years.
  6. melb0028
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  7. Sonic77
    It really does, I see you upgraded your tubes, I'm new to tubes so I'll be watching what tubes people are using. My two dacs I'm using alternately are the PS Audio Directstream dac and the chord Blu MkII with the Dave dac.
  8. melb0028
    Very nice set up for sure -
    I would say with the stock tubes the WA33 is excellent but with the KR2A3s the resolution and soundstage take a huge leap forward - highly recommended to really bring out the potential of this amp. Not sure if there is anything preferable to the KR2A3s but they sound reference level to my ears and create a beautiful harmonic richness which is amazing -
  9. Sonic77
    Oh ok, you maxed out on the tubes. That's great that there is a difference in tubes, maybe next year, I'll make the leap to those tubes. Good listening :L3000:
  10. dawktah2
    Thanks so much for these impressions. I continue to look forward to my acquisition. I grew up listening to my dad's H.H. Scott, so have always longed for a tube amp. I had a chance to audition s few DAC over the holiday and I can see that plays a big role. I listened to the Mojo I bought my brother for his birthday. I don't have anything Chord go figure, they have a sound that was completely different. I will probably get a Chord product for my DAC. Unless someone can suggest an alternative.
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  11. melb0028
    I don't have any direct experience but I've heard others really really like the Chord - should be great. The WA33 definitely scales well with anything you put into it - and it really likes the Utopia bring out aspects I didn't know these cans were capable of - darn these Utopias have a bass kick which is amazing I had no idea they were capable of that - and the attack and decay across the whole spectrum is amazing.
    Tube amps I always thought of as sweet and lush sounding which is great. Funny thing about the WA33 it like takes the amazing precision, resolution and wide spectrum of a solid state amp and adds this amazing punch and beautiful harmonic structure - very much reference level though with no over sweetening or roll off of the top end. I think you will love the music ! I sure do - every thing I've heard before sounds totally new to me - I'm just enjoying the music :)
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  12. dawktah2
    Good things come to those who wait! Chord is releasing the 2Qute replacement called the Qutest. So once I have it I'll be ordering the WA33.

    EDIT: Early estimates are February shipping. So will tube roll for a year or more then move to the DAVE.
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  13. dawktah2
    Putting together the listening and wine room has been one snag after another. The original wine cellar had to be sent back and another one shipped out. I ordered two leather power recliners and they showed up a week ago as manual recliners! They are being remade and will arrive sometime in late March.

    In the time being I have a least been able to sit on the floor and listen to my WA-8 directly out of the Synology server. Some dealers are taking pre-orders on the Qutest, but none have been delivered. 20180114_143902.jpg

    I'm looking to get a power conditioner this month, any recommendations? There will only be the two devices needing clean power. The galvanic isolation should keep server from needing to be on it?
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  14. matthewhypolite
    It's here.....

    20180202_184647.jpg 20180202_184652.jpg 20180202_184707.jpg 20180202_185131.jpg 20180202_190025.jpg 20180202_190041.jpg 20180202_190042.jpg 20180202_192558.jpg 20180203_003855.jpg
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  15. andyschaub
    The WA5-LE is still a really amazing amp. I haven’t heard a WA33 although I’m sure it’s stunning, but the stock WA5-LE with upgraded tubes still sounds pretty awesome.
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