Woo's New Flagship WA33

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  1. andyschaub
    The Sony's are far more efficient (sensitive) than the HE-1000's, so it's not surprising you would hear tube rush through them that you don't hear from the HE-1000's. There really is no low-power substitute for the 2A3's used in the WA33, but there might be a low-output setting beyond the volume control that helps or impedance-matching settings like the WA5-LE has that could minimize the tube rush that you hear through the Sony's.
  2. JohanGao
    When, I hook my Sony Z1R all the knob has switch into low, impedance switch to low, level switch to low, still hear the tube rush sound.
    With HE1000 I found impedance switch to low and Level switch to high is more suit me... but all is dead silence with HE1000.
  3. andyschaub
    The Sony's are really designed to be used with portable electronics not high-current balanced amps. In a similar sense, you'll never get a pair of Wilson Sophia's to sound good with a 7wpc Audio Note Meishu integrated amplifier. They just don't match. The WA6-SE has a much lower output so it's not surprising that it's a better match for the Sony's, depending of which tubes you use.
  4. JohanGao
    Yes, With WA6SE there is no noise appear on sony, but with WA33 the sonic is really good, and again when the music play the noise is no more noticeable
  5. andyschaub
    Well, 2A3's are wonderful sounding tubes; but particularly in a balanced or "push-pull" configuration, you're jumping from about 500mW (0.5wpc) with the WA6-SE to probably 10wpc with the WA33? It's not surprising that music masks the tube rush--but there is no better or worse amp in an absolute sense. It's all a matter of system matching. So use the Sony's with the WA6-SE and the HE-1000's with the WA33 ... that's really all there is to it.
  6. JohanGao
    I have sold the WA6SE lol....
  7. dawktah2
    Do you still have your 2Qute? If so have you used it with the WA33 yet? I am leaning towards what could be the 3Qute if/when its released.
  8. mahesvara
    Anyone has ever compared the WA33 to the WA234 mono? The WA33 Elite is roughly the same price, so I do wonder.
  9. JohanGao
    no more, i have sold all my old stuff to funding WA33...
  10. dawktah2
    Ok, I was just looking to see how the 3v output affected the WA33.
  11. dawktah2
    My little project continues. My plan to place the WA33 in a nice-rack has stalled since the WA33 is 17-1/2" wide but the shelf Mid-Atlantic only supports equipment 17-3/8" I can't believe it! My options are to place the WA33 on the bottom so I have to figure out how much heat is generated and whether any DAC or my Synology NAS placed above it will be affected. I can place it on top of the rack but will need to fabricated a cage to protect the investment from someone who's already staked claim, see her horse in corner of image...

    I'm thinking initially I'll go with the Sonica DAC since I have a Sonica speaker already and may add one in the loft. Then get the 2Qute 2 or 3Qute whatever they are going to call it when it comes out.
    1. Can anyone tell me how much heat a tube amp of its type produces and whether its a good idea to place something above it?
    2. If I use a 1U cooling fan will drawing air across the tubes create an issue?
    3. This unit seems to fall within a very small niche, I may try to head up to AXPONA in Chicago. Anyone going? 20171112215843_IMG_0346.JPG
  12. watchdog507
    IMG_1617.JPG "
    1. "Can anyone tell me how much heat a tube amp of its type produces and whether its a good idea to place something above it?"
    I have my WA5-LE in mid rack and it has enough clearance to circulate air. It does run hot but it doesn't affect my Transport or Dac's.
  13. Rickruss
    Has anyone seen a review of the WA33? The silence has been deafening...
  14. ahmadfaizadnan
    Yeah. I didn't see a lot of reviews on this amp. I've heard two setups with this amp during canjam but only for a short time.
  15. dawktah2
    Well, two components operating temperature maximums are listed as 95 degrees F and another 104 degrees F. So I'd rather not tempt fate.
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