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Woo's New Flagship WA33

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  1. CarlosUnchained
  2. reeltime
    It sounds even better than it looks.
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  3. andyschaub
    Does this have single ended inputs and, if so, do they go through a phase splitter or transformer so that they drive a balanced pair of headphones properly? Thanks.
  4. drbobbybones

    It will accept single ended inputs.  Thanks to @kyle1010 for the photo from CanJam:
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  5. drbobbybones
    And the sound of the WA33 is something to behold.  This is the BEST tube amplifier I have ever heard.  So much power, control, detail, speed, and soundstage.  It was not overly lush sounding--the WA22 they had next door was warmer.  The WA33 is a different beast altogether.  Definitely worth a listen.  
    The power supply unit has no exposed umbilical--the stacking creates the connection necessary to get power to the tubes.  Very ingenious.  
    Jack Wu said you could add speaker taps as a custom option.  It will push 9 or 10 watts out, which should power some small efficient speakers.  That's probably how I'm gonna order mine.  
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  6. andyschaub
    Thanks. I actually spoke with Jack Wu after I posted this and he said that the new WA33 has a phase splitter so that you can convert the single-ended input into a balanced signal, although my own experience has been that transformers work better than phase splitters for this purpose. The very intriguing all vacuum tube phase splitter built into the Woo WES might be an exception to that.
  7. geraldshanghai
    Gosh, I just bought WA5LE, then there comes WA33.... the road to perfect headphone sound is cash-sucking.
  8. dawktah2
    I'm thinking of getting a 2qute then WA33 and acquiring a DAVE later on.
  9. dawktah2
    I figured out how to change settings so my Synology NAS can play through its USB port. So I will be moving the NAS to what is going to become our wine room. I hope to have our sitting area and EuroCave cellar done beforehand.
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  10. Sonic77
    This week I ordered the Abyss Phi along with the Woo Audio WA33 tube amp, and I was told by my audio dealer to expect my Chord Blu MK II next week. The Abyss will come in a week or two and the WA33 at the end of July or most likely August, I am very excited! This is truly a dream come true for me, I have been waiting and waiting years to finally jump in and get a TOTL headphone set up, so far I have heard nothing but good things about the WA33. I will probably need advice on upgrading the tubes (I'm a total noob with tubes), and which headphone cable for the Abyss to upgrade too, these upgrades will come later as my wallet is in ICU right now.
  11. Khragon
    Very nice, congrats, which WA33 version did you order?
  12. Sonic77
    Not The Elite version, this will be my first Tube hp amp so the regular version should be more then enough for me.
  13. bflat
    Well you might as well give your wallet the killing blow and put it out of it's misery - tube upgrades......
  14. Sonic77
  15. Khragon
    Probably better off getting the tube that you tried when you demo the amp. The KR HP 2A3s seem nice. For NOS tubes, woo pricing is really a rip off and you can find much better deal else where
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