Woodied Denon D2000 with original pads, hifiman pads, and original cups included
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Sep 12, 2013
Up for sale is my D2000 with wood cups made by the user Folex. The cups are made of maple and are deeper than the original cups so the bass is a bit deeper than stock. The headphones are in excellent condition. I traded for these from cCasper which took wonderful care of them. They have seen the same level of care since I've owned them.

As shown in the pictures there is a small twist in the cable underneath the right ear cup. It doesn't effect sound quality I just wanted to make sure it was noted. I actually made a new short cable out of mogami quad wire to install on these but never got around to trying it. It is sheathed in black paracord. I can include that and either a viablue 1/8" plug or an canare 1/8" plug. Just add $20 to the price I'm asking. I would say you need to either have some familiarity with soldering to do it yourself, otherwise I would recommend not trying it.

Also include with be the original Denon cups, which have a few mild scratches which are not as noticeable as they are in the photos. I will include some hifiman velour pads also that were included when I purchased them, though I prefer the original pads.

***Would consider trade for a Oppo PM-3 or Shure 1540***

I'm not looking for trades, I am actually selling these to recoup the some of the cost of a custom iem purchase.

I will cover the shipping cost. Price reflects if you paid using the PayPal gift option. Let me know if you have any other questions.

(Photos courtesy of cCAsper TFG)
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