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WooAudio WA5 Maxxed (As of 5/2009)

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  1. JwangSDC
    For Sale
    I'm putting my wa5 standalone up for sale! the wa5 was bought in may of last year, but because i started listening only to speakers, within two months it was back in the box. it is in PERFECT condition and it can't have more than 500 hours on it, if that. the wa5 was maxed at the time i bought it which means:
    WA5 (3150)
    - premium parts upgrade(1100)
    - sophia princess 300b upgrade (350)
    - sophia princess 274b upgrade (300)
    - teflon tube socket upgrade (150)

    i also have the original boxes and packaging and all other tubes it came with
    MSRP is $5050 plus $150-$250 for shipping and handling (I forget but it was a lot)

    Bump for final price drop before I head to audiogon. $3500 cash pickup or buyer pays shipping and commissions.
    I'd really rather a in person cash transaction so everything goes smoothly
  2. JwangSDC
    Edit: $4200, $4350 delivery in 60 mile radius.
  3. JwangSDC
    Bump for personal delivery in 60 mile radius of NYC
  4. Oddworld
    I have that same exact thermos in the picture!!!
    (incidentally you're getting a bumpers)
  5. torabika
    wish to have this amp, but $4000
    wow can't ...... pay.....
    good luck.... 
  6. tom Liu
    Really interested in it, but I 'm in Boston
  7. JwangSDC
    Bump $3800 cash pickup.
  8. JSoriginal
    wow, she is a beauty. Free bump for awesomeness beyond my budget.
  9. RedBull
    Beautiful ...
  10. randybandicoot
    Bump for an absolutely beautiful amp. I'd snap it up in an instant if I were in New York.
  11. JwangSDC
    If anyone is interested and going to the spring NYC meet, please PM me. I will be bringing the amp and a pair of K1000's which will be for sale.
  12. JwangSDC
    pending sale
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