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Woo WA5, MINT CONDITION, with upgrades...(SOLD) Thx Head-Fi!!!

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by modena, Jan 7, 2012.
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  1. Modena
    For Sale

  2. Dixter
    Nice Amp...   I'd get it if I wasn't getting ready to order the WA22 thats at the top of my budget. 
    Wouldn't even have to ship it as I could just drive over from Dallas and pick it up... 
    darn it all...
    good luck with the sell...  looks great.
  3. Modena
    Thank you.
    That would be convenient if you could make the jump.  It is an incredible unit, as are all of the Woo products.  You will be very happy with your WA22--enjoy it in good health.
  4. speeddeacon
    Are the tubes stock?
  5. Modena
    Thanks for your interest in the Woo.
    In having a custom unit built, I chose to upgrade the hard components on the unit, and add the premium package.  The unit comes with matched Electro-Harmonix, power triode, 300B's, and RCA 5AS4's.  
    Jack Woo spent time selecting these tubes, and I can certainly endorse the warm sound they produce.  Adding Sophias to your back-up would be a nice addition, but only as an option, certainly not a necessity.  The unit sounds fantastic as it is.  Again, the upgraded package includes great components that you can feel, and hear.  
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